I like this name. It signifies an inflammable substance. Something that has the ability to send sparks flying. 

While this app could be a medium for finding dates and engaging in random hook ups, for some, it is just a magic portal to explore the world whilst being protected by distance and anonymity. 

There’s no saying that the information furnished by the user is legitimate but for a person only looking for a good conversation, those things don’t matter. Whether you’re a gangster, lesbian, a normal guy, gay or bi, words aren’t going to be any different and I’m pretty sure we all speak human. 

On a quest to find like minded people, I embarked on this exhilarating tinder journey and although it all went awry too soon, I did enjoy my time there thoroughly. 

You can be funny, you can be yourself, no one is going to judge you and even if they do, you’re not going to meet them are you? 

That’s the best part about the Internet. You connect with people when you’re bored and have nothing better to do. 

Here is a little something about myself. 


Because I don’t expect anyone to be reading this and mostly, because I don’t CARE about what anyone is going to think about me. I’m a free spirit! 

I’m never going to meet any of you in real life and for me, that’s like a protective shield. 

Moving on, to those who have read a fair share of my posts, I might seem like a really talkative, energetic and completely bonkers clown. 

Well, that’s who I am. Just not in person though. The layers are going to take forever to peel.

Face to face, I wouldn’t look your way. If I did, it’d mostly just be because I had some work to do. I take professional to a whole new level. 

I can’t make myself go out there and talk. I’m shy and my interests aren’t necessarily in congruence with the majority. 

I don’t like partying, I’d rather go for a long walk. I’m not interested in bunking classes, I’d rather listen to the teacher and grasp as much as I can and while I can. 

I don’t mind standing up and asking a million doubts. I have questions and I will need the answers. I’m not afraid to admit that I study most of the time and that I actually enjoy it. 

I like eating at cheap roadside establishments as opposed to expensive dinners at fine dining restaurants. 

I would rather sit with my dogs and read a story than go on dates and try to find a boyfriend because “I’m of the right age”. 

I’d rather laugh out loud and discuss music, movies, sports and whatever else instead of having meaningless sex. 

I’m of the opinion that intercourse needs to be with the right person and after they’re bound by the contract of marriage. 

I also like men’s perfume cause they have way better and less nauseating fragrances than the stomach churning concoctions they make for females. 

I like long rides and I enjoy bike rides more than those in a car. The older the model, the better. The sports bikes are a pain in the ass. Literally. 

But when I can, I like to just aimlessly walk. 

Being dumb, or dumbing down for someone else, is not cool. I appreciate intelligence and wits and there is nothing more beautiful than a person who knows what they are talking about. 

I constantly try to bring a smile onto people’s faces and nothing makes me more happy than the fact that I made them laugh. 

I adore old people beyond doubt and when I walk down the hospital corridor, I start a conversation with any and every old lady or man walking by and when I know I’ve helped them, it makes my day. 

In fact, I’ve had two old patients ask me about my details just in case I was available for marriage. Scary, but grandpa/ma, it’s alright, I’ll take that as a compliment. 

When a teacher cracks a joke in class, I laugh no matter how stupid it is because I know that it’s difficult to be humorous. 

I can go on, but before I drag it too much, I’ll come back to the point. I was on tinder. I was lonely and although I have three best friends who know me inside out, I needed someone else to talk to. Yes, that happens at times. 

I took to tinder. I needed someone who liked what I liked. Or knew what I was talking about. I wanted someone who reciprocated with equal enthusiasm. 

And as the anxiety associated with face to face meeting was conveniently out of the picture, I was relaxed and nothing could stop me from unleashing my thoughts. 

Unfiltered, uncensored.

The guys I spoke to, who initially approached me like they would to any other girl they could be on a prospective date with and boy were they caught off guard. 

I hit a strike on that bowling alley. 

They were completely at ease too. I could tell. We discussed about the best of childhood video games to how stupid porn was. There was no need to think before speaking because as the wavelength matched, we knew it was ok to just talk and talk unhindered. 

I was ok calling them “an idiot” and they were ok with calling me “dumbo” and that showed that a playful exchange was happening and there was just enough respect to avoid being offensive. 

At the end, I was asked to go out for coffee and even though I politely declined, the static energy of a wonderful conversation still lingered and nothing could overshadow that. 

Parents being parents were concerned about my safety and I was asked to withdraw my social media privileges. For their sake, I did it. It’s ok. I can be happy without my phone. 

Afterall, it’s in the real world that people live. 

The memory of those conversations, however, bring a smile to my face and to this day, I don’t regret a second of my online adventures. 


I feel awkward when people stare at me but I never said I didn’t like candid pictures. HAPPY EVERYDAY!


17 Comments Add yours

  1. piamajumdar says:

    So how did that date go ???


      1. piamajumdar says:

        Thats bad 😂


      2. agnuswalters says:

        Well, I had parents to answer to and they wouldn’t let me go….and plus, I only wanted a nice conversation… Although I wish I did. Only, I wish I could go with permission.


      3. piamajumdar says:

        Ya , i know
        Same with mine too
        You can bunk classes instead and go 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      4. agnuswalters says:

        Hahaha I stay in the hostel which has the security even prisons aren’t privileged to have. So no. I can’t go out of here.


      5. piamajumdar says:

        Thats not cool dr 😓


      6. agnuswalters says:

        Yeah well, such is my life. Either way, it’s ok, I have a lot of fun within the campus 🙂 plus I’m in no hurry to find a guy. It’ll happen when it’s destined to happen. How has your day been?


      7. piamajumdar says:

        My day is sucking , its raining hard outdoors 😢


      8. piamajumdar says:

        kolkata 🙂


      9. agnuswalters says:

        Ooooh! That’s a SWEET place to live in! 😀 I’d love to visit when I can!

        Liked by 1 person

      10. piamajumdar says:

        where are you at?


      11. piamajumdar says:

        been there , its amazing , especially biriyani


      12. agnuswalters says:

        Hahaha I’m so bored of biryani.


      13. piamajumdar says:

        my insta is filled with biriyani pictures 😉


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