Harley Makes the First Move

Harley was in the Eleventh grade and due to the lack of adequate interaction with the other gender during a time when everyone was already “in a relationship”, her hormones were pretty much raging. 

One fine day, when her best friend called her to this local bakery to introduce her to his girlfriend, Harley thought, “Great. Even the nun got a partner in the end”. 

With the intention of being the doting best friend, she decided to go anyway. 

Ceremoniously initiate “the girlfriend” into their circle, shower her with flower petals, feed her a giant turkey, stuff her with confetti, stick both of their heads together so they could NEVER be apart….

The lovebirds soon were in their own little bubble and it took them only a few seconds to ignore Harley altogether. 

Luckily for her, she was a frequent visitor and the bakery always had a familiar face she could strike a conversation with. This time, it happened to be a friend living around the same area and before she could even call out to him, he waved at her and Harley then walked towards his table. 

The thing is, the “friend” (because he isn’t the important part of this story), wasn’t alone. He was with his best friend who happened to have the weirdest of faces. 

Once the introductions were out of the way, Harvey, briefly indulged in small talk with “the friend” and completely ignored the strange faced stranger on that table. 

With a goodbye and an awkward smile aimed at the weird face guy, she left. 

Yes. She ditched her best friend. He clearly didn’t require her presence. 

Now, after she got home and had the time to relive her wonderful day’s moments, she began picturing the “weird” face in her head. 

I think the dopamine had her tripping because the next thing she knows, that face transitioned into a handsome face. 

Well, that’s exaggerating it a bit. 

Ok, a lot. 

He stilled looked ugly, but maybe relatively better than how he looked face to face. 

One thing lead to another and they had each other’s numbers.

His name was Milo by the way. 

They texted for a few weeks before she felt like she had ants under her pants and she couldn’t wait any longer. 

Harley has this theory, it’s a waste of brain space if you hoard your feelings. So to make her head feel lighter, she usually just tells people what she feel whenever she feels it. 

Needless to say, the minute she realised that she had developed a liking for this weird faced yet charming and sweet guy, Harley knew she had to tell him. 

Just FYI, Milo was single. 

Everything she did, had to be dramatic, or had to have some resemblance to her fantasies or day dreams. 

In most of her dreams, she was the girl who was brave enough to tell a guy that she liked him but she didn’t do it without being a tease. 

There has to be a fun twist in there somewhere. Well, Harley clearly LOVED pranks. 

So her MO was to make the entire thing seem like a prank and infuriate Milo or upset him or offend him indirectly in the the beginning but, by the end of the story, he’ll have realised that it wasn’t a prank, she wasn’t being mean and that Harley wasn’t asking just any guy out and that it was Milo himself. 

Yeah, that went over my head too. 

Let me just explain the story. 

Harley wrote an elaborate text saying that she liked a guy and that she was petrified to confess. (LIE) 

Milo being the sweet and caring Milo, replied with an “It’s ok, I’m here right? I’ll support you. Go ahead and tell him. We’ll handle the rest later. Ok?” 

Harley had a hunch that he had similar feelings for her and that was the most important driving force for her.

She then sent him a reply that implied that she was going to go for it.

The thing is, Harley had complimented Milo about many things and Milo wasn’t far behind. But any guy is bound to feel a little jealous when another man is being appreciated in front of him.

That’s exactly what Harley was aiming at. 

So, the next text was a long, almost 500 word text message describing “the love of her life” in nice detail. Harley made sure that all details were taken care of. 

If Harley was a guy, she would have deleted the message or ignored it one or two sentences through if she was really concerned about her friend’s love life, she would given some generalised advice without reading the message.

No one wants to know how nice another guy is.


Buts are always life changing. 

At the end of the message, she included a major plot twist.  

“And that guy is you.” 

She was proud of her innocently devious creation and without further ado, she sent it. 

Much to her dismay, she didn’t receive a reply for over an hour and it was driving her nuts. 

Unable to take the suspense anymore, she sent him a text. 

“Dude it’s ok if you say no…you know that right?”

After about ten minutes worth of waiting, she finally got a reply which said, “Sorry! I’m so sorry! I was driving and I didn’t see your message! Harley! You’re so evil. Your message depressed me and I was almost going to delete it. Until. Until I saw the last line that is. *grins* didn’t expect anything less from you, you devil! 

Actually, now that we’re on that subject, I’d like to inform you that I might have the same kind of feelings for you too you know? So, when can I take you out on our first date?” 

P.s. Hey guys! So this story is inspired by my amazing love story but Milo is more daring. My boyfriend back then just said that he was thankful that I asked first because he was too scared and that he was waiting for me to ask. Idiot. 

No wonder it didn’t take long for me to mercilessly break his heart. 

At least that’s what he said.  



11 Comments Add yours

  1. Matthew says:

    Very sweet story 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. agnuswalters says:

      Thank you! The guy was sweet too! The girl was just crazy.
      Hope you’re having a good day!


      1. Matthew says:

        I am thanks, you?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. agnuswalters says:

        Mighty good now!


      3. Matthew says:

        I’m glad! How’s the hunt for new horror movies coming along?


      4. agnuswalters says:

        That kinda took a backseat in the midst of a tight college routine but my brain is busy making up its own horror movies in the nights. They’re awesome btw! I mean they scare the shit out of me in the dream but I get such a thrill out of living in those alternate universes. Better than any horror house I’ve been to. You find anything good?


      5. Matthew says:

        Oh I’m glad, the new It trailer came out yesterday, will definitely be checking that out.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. agnuswalters says:



      7. Matthew says:

        Yep, it looks awesome!

        Liked by 1 person

      8. agnuswalters says:

        Tell me how it is once you watch it!


      9. Matthew says:

        Shall do 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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