If you’re wondering what this page is about, it’s an all encompassing account of my existence.

Why rainbows?

Well, the answer to that is easy. I’m not one colour. I’m many colours and their combinations put together.

Still don’t get it? I’ll explain. Read on with that cute smile on your face 😉

Once upon a time there was a little girl who remained little for the rest of her life thanks to the “short” genes that ran in the family. If there was one thing she was average at and there was nothing she could do about it, it was her height.

Standing tall at 5feet, she was an enthusiastic explorer. Travelling was in her blood but so was motion sickness. Experience, however, had taught her how to tread the meandering routes.

A keen observer of people and an imbiber of traits, she knew how to pick her flowers for the beautiful bouquet.

A quiet mouth but not a quiet mind.

She loved to talk to people and she loved to see them laugh at her goofiness and her sometimes hilarious jokes.

She whipped a story out of nowhere, be it motivational, to give her best friend hope or funny, to make a crying human laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Most of all, she knew how to make people realise that they weren’t alone.

This mixed flavour of bubblegum had an uncanny ability to blend with the people of any given age. A helping hand and entertainment partner for the old, a dance and karaoke partner for young and the always smiling spectator for the baby folk.

While her friends boldly declared their love for their crushes, she sat on a bench nearby, smiling at their glee but never being brave enough to do something like that herself.

She was a shy one. Especially when it came to those of the opposite sex. She didn’t let that get in her way though. It was only when they were face to face that she had problems starting conversations but when it was through gadgets, she was like wildfire.

She struck like lightening and left people charged even when she was gone.

Once the beginning was made, she went on to converse outside of the virtual world. College reduced her shyness to some extent but it surfaces and envelopes her at times when she truly likes the other person.

To add to this mix was the dangerous trait of mischievousness. Oh she was a tiny but powerful Bag of goodies.

Ok I think I should end it there. If I don’t, I don’t think this page will ever end.

I wish I knew how to stop. No wonder I had problem with word limits back in school.

To cut it short, I headbang to rock music when I’m feeling particularly energetic and I also passionately dance with the air to some slow slow music when I’m elated or just plain contented.

I love to dance! That isn’t, however, synonymous with me having gone through any sort of professional training for that. I just…wing it or swing it for that matter. Haha I crack myself up sometimes. I love to laugh!

I can laugh out loud to the lamest of jokes and cry while watching any animal movie. Love songs put me in a trance( a state that I love) and I live for stories and books.

Medical school has managed to distance me from the idiot box but I never really thought of it as an idiot box to begin with. I love to indulge in some good TV shows when I do have the time.

Highway on my plate, Eat Street, Royal deserts, Modern Family, House MD, White collar, Late night with Jimmy Fallon, to name a few, are shows I frequently watch.

Last but not the least, I’m a doting food lover and a relentless supporter of all eateries in the vicinity of my house because,

a) They made it easier for me to get to my food


b) The staff is usually very nice and they always give me a warm welcome.

C) it’s right next to my house!

Did I mention that I’m into any animal as long as it isn’t a reptile? I don’t mind protecting reptiles from a distance though. The others I’ll happily cuddle with. I think.