Wait, WHAT! 

Something really weird just happened to me. Before I go into the details, I’m a huge superhero fan and when it comes to clothing, a pair of jeans and a comic t-shirt or any superhero t-shirt is all I need. 

Just like any other day, I picked up a t-shirt with “Loki” written on it along with some background graphics. 

I like this shirt. I don’t know why t-shirts like these are seldom sold in the girls section. 

Honestly, I’ve shopped more in the men’s section than I have in the women’s section. It’s the loose fitting and soft fabric that totally appeals to me and what’s better than some air on your skin? 

An added advantage is the kickass prints that come along with them. How can one refuse comic book or TV show themed merchandise anyway? 

So, back to the point, wearing my Loki t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, I casually walked out of the dining area, unbeknownst to my company. 

Suddenly, I heard a loud voice scream my name out in the distance. I wasn’t able to make out a clear face in the dark but as the person neared the lit entrance, I could see it was a girl from my batch. 

She claimed that she was a huge Loki fan and engulfed me in the most awkward hugs I’ve ever experienced in my life. 

My grin was somewhere in between a hesitant smile and a puzzled frown. You can imagine how that would look. 


I think this is life telling saying, “Hey bro, you’re shy, socially awkward and introverted. Just making sure you remember.” 

Yeah well, duh! Who comes out of nowhere and hugs you because they like the person whose name is written on your t-shirt? 




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