Story time#2: An awkward conversation 

Was I supposed to reply? 

Of course I was supposed to reply you idiot. He did say ‘after you milady’. 

This isn’t pressurising me at all. I’m cool. Not inflicted by performance anxiety at all. 

*bites lips*

What am I going to say? 

*thinks of a witty response* 

Why does all the wits decide to ditch me exactly when I need it? 

Aanya😊: Hey there! Glad you’re on board! Where do I even begin! My remote memory decided to take leave but I guess I do have one moment that comes to mind…do you know of the Rhett & Link episode in which Chester and Mike appeared and sang a bunch of food related songs? I wish I had that talent! I’d totally slay Food Raps. I’m already good at it but one never stops learning right! 😉 

And there we go, despite all efforts to write the shortest of comments, I still end up with a paragraph. I seem to have no control whatsoever on what I have to say. Oh well. It’s not me who has to deal with the word vomit.

Ever since my comment was sent, I was antsy. What if that was a dumb comment coming from a fan? What if people thought that I wasn’t a fan at all because I came up with the lamest of moments to talk about? 

This is why I hate humans. Dogs are so much easier to deal with. 

A few seconds later, a notification popped up saying that I had received a reply for my comment. 

RandheerRocks: Those two are absolute idiots. I mean they have the lamest of conversations and who voluntarily tastes all that shit they try?! But you know what, I love those chaps….because my best friend and I kinda behave the same way…I guess that makes us idiots too? Speaking of THAT episode, I’ve been trying to get through to their manager hoping that I can get Linkin Park to sing for me while I eat dinner everyday.   

What the….. 
To be contd…….


2 Comments Add yours

  1. magicquill17 says:

    “This is why I hate humans. Dogs are so much easier to deal with.”
    I feel ya buddy, I feel ya.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. agnuswalters says:

      Hey, they don’t call me “The future dog lady” for nothing 😂

      Liked by 1 person

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