ST#4: I have my moments

And hence began the back and forth emailing, a resurrection for an almost lost art. 



I was just about to throw your message into spam! Don’t blame me though, most of the unknown ids I receive emails from either are ads or things I’d rather not open. 

Btw, I noticed you’re all ‘rocks’ everywhere. 

What’s with that anyway? 

And why thank you, I like your name too! 

P.s. Looks like you struck gold mate!  

Hmm, what have we got here…let’s see…

You think I’m all ‘rocks’ everywhere huh….

That doesn’t sound wrong at all Aanya… 

Since we’re being cocky anyway, what can I say, I’m better than Jack Sparrow when it comes to digging out treasures.. 


It was supposed to be you’re all ‘about’ rocks everywhere!! 

R: Yeah, *shakes head*… Still sounds wrong. Hey its cool though, you inflated a guy’s ego. 

A: Suddenly, I don’t see why I’m having this conversation… 

R: Because I am the best idiot ever and because I let you get away with that sexual innuendo even though we just met…like five seconds ago. #SoForward 

A: #lame You know what, you want a sexual innuendo? FINE, I’ll give you one. 

Fuck you. 

Why should I waste my intelligence on you anyway.

R: wow…..*tries not to laugh* best innuendo ever. You know what, I like you!

A: Hey there, let’s not jump to conclusions. First you call me ‘treasure’ (yes, I noticed), now you say you like me, next thing I know, you’ll be asking me to marry you. NO. Not happening. Not under my watch. 

R: Ok, will it work if I make sure you’re standing under a clock then? 

A: Not even in your dreams. 

R: Taking control already? *smirks* #SoForward 

To be contd….. 


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