ST#3: Well…

Turns out, I could lose track of time even in that boring digital library. By the time I was back in my room, it was late and I wasn’t in the mood to do anything productive anyway. 

My fingers were itching to open YouTube again and that’s exactly what I did. Staring at that comment from this amusing person, I was finding it hard to believe my eyes. 

If I could like that comment a million times, I would. 

Aanya😊: WTH. Shut up! Where have YOU been living all along?! Hey, if it makes you feel any better, at least you’re one of the best kinds of idiots I’ve ever come across….  

This stuff happens in real life? Maybe I was the one living under a rock all along.   

It was 12am and surprisingly, I wasn’t drowsy at all. This was quite unusual because I struggle to stay up past 10:30.

Something about this guy was making the adrenaline course through my veins and I was high on excitement. 

When a cool person gets attention, it’s common. When a weirdo gets attention, you know things are going to get batshit crazy. We weirdos don’t let people down when it comes to entertainment. 

RandheerRocks: Dayum, I wasn’t aware I had competition. I was aiming at “the best” but this works too. On that note, Goooood Mythical Mooorning! 

The minute that message flashed on my screen, I burst out laughing. This was one of the “I need to text my best friend and let her know ASAP” kind of moments and I was brimming with glee. 

Before I could reply, I noticed an email in my inbox from an unfamiliar Id. 



Hey fellow mythical beast, 

So it’s me, Randheer (naam tho suna hoga).. In case you didn’t figure that out. I noticed our conversations were starting to stray towards an entirely different channel and as much as I hate the RIPs, I didn’t want them crazy fans to come and bad mouth either of us for being “back-stabbers” or “traitors” or whatever other shit they have as their arsenal. So, I’m saving myself, and by extension, you, the mental turmoil. 

Before I forget, I wouldn’t really be a gentleman if I didn’t tell you that you have an amazing name, would I? 

Nice to meet you Aanya!    

P.s. Why do I feel like we have too many things in common? First rhett&link, and I just noticed, dogs too. Well, that’s just two but I guess that’s my best score. 


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