What Best Friends Really Think

So, for some unfathomable reason, my best friend and I have constantly been compared to a married couple and I really don’t know how that’s a fitting comparison but since we’re on that subject, I’d like to dwell into details of the whole relationship one has with their best friend. 

I’ve seen many movies, read countless books and come across a bunch of people online vouching for the strong and unbreakable bonds they share with their best friends and although it might not seem impossible, some things, let’s just say that it’s not always rainbows and unicorns. 

This post whilst being based on my relationship with my best friend Sumo, tries to give you an insight into how best friends truly behave, what goes on in their mind, the conclusions they sometimes arrive at and much more. 

I went through a whole lot of questionnaires online and came up with a few of my own questions and asked Sumo to answer them. I’ve answered them too! 

So, just sit tight and enjoy the ride! 

1) Were you friends since you were little? Just like in the movies? Childhood neighbours, classmates? 

Sumo: We have been friends since 11th class though we’ve known each other since 7th class and since we’re only 21 yrs old, I wouldn’t say childhood friends yet. Maybe a decade later. 

Ams: I believe that we have been friends since 7th grade. That’s not really “since childhood” but its long! Longer than any relationship I’ve had with people outside of my family. PLATONIC RELATIONSHIP I MEAN. 

2) What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of your best friend?

Sumo: There isn’t a single thought which comes to your mind when you think of someone. I love her? I’m happy she exists in my life? She’s cool and talented and very smart both inside and outside academics. 

Irritates me sometimes. 

Is short. 

A hopeless romantic and so on and so forth. 

Ams: A nervous system. Apart from that, other thoughts which enter my brain when I think of her are, partner in crime, someone I confide in, prime example of a sloth, a voracious reader and an Internet lingo expert. 

3) Do you sometimes wish that your best friend was your significant other? 
Sumo: NO, lol! 

Ams: NEVER! 

4) Have you ever felt like cutting all ties with your best friend? 

Sumo: Yeah, when I’m pissed. 

Ams: Yeah, when she pisses me off. I feel like smashing her head into the wall or burying her underground too. She has immense talent when it comes to getting on my nerves like no one else. 

5) What’s the most annoying thing about them? 

Sumo: Depends on my mood. When I’m annoyed, everything she does annoys me. But if my mood is good, then supposedly annoying things also don’t phase me. 

Ams: SHE’S ALWAYS LATE! I don’t know what time system she follows but her two minutes take aeons to lapse! What’s more annoying is the fact that telling her an advanced time doesn’t work either. 

6) Would you be their roommate? 

Sumo: Out of college, yes. Inside college, no, because we might murder each other. 

Ams: I don’t think it’s a good idea. One day? Two days? Maybe for a week? It’s cool. Prolonged periods without any interference from other people? We have the ability to bring the house down worse than any cyclone. I’m oddly proud of this ability of ours. Anyone in need of demolition can call us. We’ll inhabit your abode and turn it into ruins in just few days. 

7) Do you believe that your friendship will last forever? 

Sumo: I hope so. Like 77% success rate. 

Ams: What I believe is that I can make it happen if I want to. And I want to. 

8) What’s the craziest thing you both have done together? 

Sumo: Umm, I don’t remember? Sorry! 

Ams: We usually have to deposit our IDs before leaving campus and this one time, we sneaked out without doing that. We scaled great heights of rebellion that day. We’ve probably done worse but it’s hard to recall… I assure you we’re badass though. 

9) According to most movies, the best friend is always the maid of honour. Would your best friend be your maid of honour too? 

Sumo: No, because I have a sister. Ams would be one of my bridesmaids though. But if I didn’t have a sister, she’d be my maid of honour. That’s what’s happening in an alternate universe now. 

Ams: Yes. But I’ll probably have a backup plan because she might accidentally sleep through it and arrive two days later. 

10) Will you die for your best friend? 

Sumo: Maybe yeah (because she’s a single child and my parents will still have my sister and also cause sometimes I’m suicidal so it’s not completely selfless)

Ams: Probably not. I’d probably do the most practical thing that’s expected of me at that moment. I have the parents to look after. 

11) Who is your best friend’s crush? 

Sumo: It freaking changes like the phases of the moon! Currently, no one. 

Ams: hehehe I know this one. Let’s just say I’m always wondering how it’s possible. Her ex-muse was Brendon Urie but I guess any artist with minimal body hair, good looks and wits works. You be clean and she’ll be clean bowled. You’d have to like books and be smart too. Plus I’ll have to approve.

12) Between the two of you who’s likely to be more famous? 

Sumo: Ams for sure. I’m toooooo lazy to do anything and on top of being hardworking she’s pretty creative AND has a charming personality.

Ams: Me. But I don’t doubt that if and when she finds the job she likes, does what she likes best, she’ll shine like an almost blinding light. I hope she does! 

13) Who’s a bigger idiot? 

Sumo: Ams for SURE (ok actually its me I think) le sigh. 

Ams: SUMO. I have no doubt in my mind. I have my moments sometimes but IT’S HER.

14) The one thing you have that your best friend doesn’t? 
Sumo: Anxiety? Awesomeness? Pessimism? Height? Kinks? 

Ams: BALANCE. Any form of balance. She on the other hand….she gravitates towards the floor even without any stimulus. One second she’s standing and talking, the next she’s either hit something or fallen down. Happens too often to be a coincidence. I worry. 

Oh, and she has a fair amount of self control when it comes to vomiting her thoughts especially to strangers. I lack any sort of filters. Thanks to this, I have my fair share of embarrassing stories.

15) Lastly, what would you feel like if one of you found another best friend? 
Sumo: I’d be fucking upset. Unless that person was my bestie too, or is her husband, or if we both aren’t even friends then. Then it’s fine. 

Ams: I’d visibly sulk all day. Drag everyone’s mood down the gutter, do dramatic stuff like exit WhatsApp groups, delete her phone number, plan that new addition’s murder, write depressing poems, listen to sad songs etc. Maybe I’ll come to terms with it, I really can’t tell. 
SO, this is all guys! Although we tend to push each other’s buttons once in a while, it’s safe to say that we find our way back to being the best of friends. A huge thank you to Sumo for giving this small post her time! 

P.s. Not before I hunt her down for not coming up with at least ONE crazy thing that we possibly did. How hard is it you dumbass? 



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  1. This was such a fun read. Your post titles are intriguing anf dun 🙂 Love your ideas.

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    1. agnuswalters says:

      Thank you so much! And hey you’ve got a lovely blog too!


  2. magicquill17 says:

    A light and humorous post. I’m definitely gonna take a good look around your blog.

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