That Area In the Bookstore

We’ve all been to bookstores and we’ve all ignored the irrelevant sections to jump right into our favourite ones. 

For me, these comprised of the magazines, business and most importantly “self-help” sections. In my opinion, this entire group of books and it’s existence, is pretty ironic. 

People might have a different opinion and that’s ok but tell me this, if it was SELF help, why do you need a book to tell you what to do? 

Wake up, walk a mile down a quiet road. If it doesn’t suffice, walk two miles but let your thoughts untangle from the mess and just think for yourself. What haven’t you done?

All I’m saying is, you’ve conceived the idea of improving yourself in your head and that motivated you enough to pay for a book that was coming from a mind that wasn’t your own and was full of advice that didn’t apply to you. Why?

 What if, what if you channeled this determination to actually do some introspection? You’re not like anybody. You’re not the subject in those self help books. You’re not the replica of anyone and I can prove it to you right from a molecular level. 

It’s in your genes! You could be similar but you know your DNA was tweaked enough to make you unique! You’re your own person. No one, and I repeat, NO ONE knows you as well as you know yourself. 

YOU were the one living with those genes since the day you were born. 

You, have the power to use it to your advantage. There’s something called the theory of disuse which says, anything left unused for prolonged periods of time causes it to slowly atrophy. 

Don’t let yourself fade, let your true colours shine bright. Be the new star in the solar system.

Most importantly, it’s ok to make mistakes. 

Psychologists don’t give solutions to your problems. They listen to you open up. They listen to you while you voice your opinions and your problems. 

The trick here is, YOU’RE the one giving yourself the much needed attention. Your brain listens to you talk. Your brain can see what’s wrong and therein, lies half the solution. 

In conclusion, GO! I know you CAN. 

I’ll be waiting to here to hear all about your wonderful day, or a bad day, a talk always helps.



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  1. I’ve def done that before. I head straight to comics and fiction and ignore everything else 🙂

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    1. agnuswalters says:

      Ikr! People talk about being “in the zone” and it’s at the bookstore, in the fiction section that I’m completely in my zone. I could have a thousand butts in my line of sight and I’d still be busy reading about the life of the protagonist 😂


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