The Series Of Unfortunate Events

It was a perfectly “good” start for the day when I didn’t wake up. Technically, that doesn’t quite count as being a beginning to begin with (I’m going to etch this mind-blowing sentence somewhere before I forget it) but let’s just go with that for now. 

“Good” start because I got to sleep two hours more. That does not however excuse it from being deemed unfortunate because I, lost attendance, in a subject that has very few classes. 

You see, I’m a bit of a nerd and a student that’s perpetually in distress until she finds out, word to word, what took place in the class. 

Hey, I’m competitive. I don’t like missing out on some golden data. 

Moving on, there has only ever been a total of ONE teacher towards whom, my gratitude overflows and I’ve been carrying around a gift package for him for the past week. Back and forth between two far away buildings. 

I can only assume what the onlookers might have thought. Maybe I deal drugs in the Amazon package. Maybe the forensic department is supplying me with weapons. MAYBE I’M JUST AN INNOCENT STUDENT CARRYING AROUND A GIFT FOR HER TEACHER! 

Fun fact about me, I have a love-hate relationship with the rain. I love it most of the times, until it leads to my downfall. Literally. 

It’s wasn’t a pretty sight and my white coat didn’t aid in keeping the fall a secret. I had a giant brown patch of mud on my back that screamed “HEY FELLAS! Look here! I just fell on my bum and I assure you that you didn’t hallucinate when you heard that loud thud!” 

Disgraceful. Absolutely disgraceful. However now that I think of it, I tried falling gracefully, a not so gentle pirouette coupled with a semi push up. 

It’s nice how the most ungodly moments, that you’d rather erase from your life, are the ones that end up having the biggest audience. 

I didn’t let that fall phase me one bit though. I walked straight with my head held high. I had to. I didn’t want to make it seem like my butt was actually hurting and that I just needed to sit on a hot pack. No. I wanted to make sure that people thought that it was no biggie and that I’m the next level ninja that showcased some never before seen moves. 




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