Imagine This #2

The nerves were a hindrance to your sleep last night and you couldn’t have been more eager for the sun to rise. 

Today. An important day in your life. 

You first ever neurosurgery, the day that your dreams come true, the day when you finally put to use all that you’ve been reading in books. 

You’re restless but calm and confident all at the same time. Your partner is still fast asleep and the only noise in the room is that of the ticking clock. 

You let your eye lids shut for a brief moment and take deep breaths. It’s all going to be ok. The patient, YOUR patient trusts you. He believes in you and YOU, will deliver. 

As a smile starts to grace your face, you slowly open your eyes and rise. 

“Go do some wonders baby!” 

You laugh at the sleepy head on your bed. It’s his big day too. The end of his super speciality course has finally come and today, he has graduated from being a general surgeon to a Head and Neck surgeon. 

You hug him tightly and kiss him softly, conveying all your best wishes wordlessly. 

You can feel the guilt eating into your brain. You can’t make it to his ceremony and the fact that he wholeheartedly supports your decision to go ahead for the surgery makes you feel that familiar tug at your heart. 

You want to be with him but you want to rectify some brains too! 

He seems to understand and hugs you tighter. 

“We’ll celebrate our victory later with some laser tag and long walks through the night. I’ll need all of your attention then. For now, go get ’em tiger!”

You let out a carefree laugh and that was the end of any conflicted thoughts in your head. 

You appreciate how some people can make everything alright in an instance. 

2 hours later….  

“I’ll need the EEG and the vitals report pronto! Also, scrubs on mates! We’ll be good to go in five…Hey Sam! How is everything at your end? Had a good night’s sleep? 

Let’s get this over with, shall we? Mr. Samuel, let all your worries fly out of the window because tomorrow, tomorrow you’ll be the MVP and people will be in queue to get your autograph. 

Also, I’ll get you that limited edition gear you were talking about? Only if I can get your autograph first.”


The patient, Sam, a teenager, looks at you like you’re his only hope. His eyes start to get glossy and you notice a tear trail down his cheek. As you pat his back in assurance and hold him by the shoulders, you tell him that he’s stronger than any Iron Man and the fearless grin that breaks out on his face lets you know that you’ve done a convincing job. 

Three and a half hours later….

As you suture the wound and make the last stitch, you realise that you’ve made it. Your sweaty face behind the mask sports a knowing smile and you’re heart is beating faster than ever. Sam is going to be ok. You have done your job.

You look up to see the clock and an epiphany knocks at your door. If you’re quick enough, you can actually make it to your partner’s college and watch him shake hands with the maestros. 

You leave a “Thank you” note for your patient because without his support, you couldn’t have done this. In the next five minutes, your hands and legs move faster than your mind and you’re already en route to the venue. 

You’re sweaty, you reek of hospital disinfectant and your white coat is your only pride but there is nothing that can come in between you two today. 

You sprint for the auditorium entrance and slowly open the door. The cool air from the air conditioners makes you feel like you’re in heaven and you pause for a second before stepping in. Your heart paradoxically starts to go haywire.

“The next person is, Dr. Jason Walters, an embassador for good will and a great physician, we value your service today, tomorrow and for days to come. Congratulations Mr. Walters!” 

Your northern star in the night sky, your pillar of support and the love of your life walks onto the dias and your chest swells with pride. You notice his long legs in the fitting tuxedo and the way he unbuttons his blazer while walking up to the chief guest. 

You are so happy and proud that you want to scream his name out and let him know that you’re there but no sound leaves your mouth as you fanatically clap for him and tears begin to fall out of your weary eyes. You are somewhere in between crying and laughing and the people around you start to notice. 

Some smile understandingly while others find in you, a new subject for their jokes. 

However, everything else blurs the minute Jason turns his head towards the audience and his searching eyes zero in on you. His eyes glitter with the kind of brightness that nothing can beat and his wide smile makes you want to run into his arms. 

Once the photo is taken and he starts to descend, he takes long and urgent strides towards you and oblivious to your audience you run straight into his arms. 

The strongest of embraces in a background of whistles and screams from friends and acquaintances, you know this day will be etched in your memories. As you whisper congratulations into his ear, he only holds you tighter and whisks you away and into another world. 

A world that has him, you and the limitless skies. 



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