Imagine This

It’s 4:30am and your alarm goes off, interrupting your stressful dream. You’re still groggy but you know you have to wake up. It’s now or never. 

As your feet touch the floor, you realise that the cold has begun to claw it’s way through summer’s heart. You grope around for your footwear for a good five minutes and go straight into the washroom. 

With all the morning rituals checked off your list, you pull your shoes out of the rack and swiftly put your socks on followed by your shoes and fasten the laces. 

Your heart knows something big is in store. You can feel it too. The adrenaline in your veins let’s you know you’re not dreaming. The anticipation of what’s to come leaves you yearning for answers and the second you’re out of that door, you’ve begun your journey towards a new day’s adventure. 

With your music sorted, you do a little preparatory stretch and there’s nothing that can stop you now. 

As your legs push forwards with unbelievable strength, your entire being just seems to be afloat. 

The cool breeze kisses your face and all thoughts of the day’s mundane work are effused out of your mind. It’s just the music, the wind and yourself. 

You feel free, more free than you ever felt. 

Your body stretches like it had been a prisoner in your own body. The road is all yours today and you there you are, chasing the wind, chasing the sun, chasing the little birds that fly overhead. 

There’s the occasional old man walking his dog, a dog that wags it’s tail merrily the minute you’re in vicinity. You can’t help but flash a wide and happy grin at that happy soul.

Lovely morning to you too buddy! 

A shy wave at the old man too because why not? A smile is the best way to start anyone’s morning! 

As you increase your speed further, everything gets out of your line of sight within seconds and fellow joggers whip their heads sideways to look at what it was that passed them so fast. 

A couple of people decide to take up the challenge and run alongside and that brings the widest of grins on your face. 

Let’s see who wins shall we? 

As the end nears and the road begins to gather crowd, you slowly ease into a calm walk, keen and observant. 

The dad helping his daughter cycle, the huge group of old men doing the laughing exercise, bunch of college guys playing football by the beach. 

Ah the morning charm! 

Sitting down in a quiet spot by the beach, you watch a little piece of the world, a huge collection of diverse stories unfolding in front of your eyes. 

Pretty soon you’re caught staring and before you know it, you’re out there playing soccer with the boys for a while and then shifting to senselessly laughing away with the old folk. A few minutes worth of talking with the neighbours and you walk back to your humble abode. 

Drenched in sweat but oh what a good way to start the day that was. 



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