lady to LADY

Hold up folks, this isn’t an article on women empowerment and neither is it me trying to force my female opinions down your throat. 


I want you to give that word a thought. 

What came to your mind when you saw that word in bold letters? 

Two years ago, I would have had an image of a good samaritan, who happened to call out the “lady” that was absent mindedly walking in the middle of the road. 

A scene right out of books or movies where the hero is just about to earn his place in the woman’s life. 

However, today, is a different story. 

If anyone screams Lady! in the corridor, my mind will most probably jump to Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of the Young(LADY). 

Isn’t that fascinating? 

Maybe for you, but for me, it’s a huge pain in the gluteus. (I would have said bum but I’m now in medical school and I feel like I need to make good use of the new words I learnt. Don’t worry, I’ll still keep it simple!) 

If you’re not a hypochondriac and you have the resistance of Iron Man, you’ll still not be strong enough to battle the fear that this medical course puts you through. 

It starts out small. Which vice doesn’t? (God, I’ve been waiting to use this line!) 

Hmm, the textbook says, “the breast can be divided into four quadrants, any hardness, should be duly inspected and brought to the notice of a doctor.” 

Now, the thing is, I haven’t gone around feeling myself up for the years that I have lived. I wouldn’t know what is normal even for me! 

Needless to say, alarm bells started ringing in my head when I felt something hard. 

I was convinced I had breast cancer and that I was going to die. 

When you’re a medical baby, things don’t usually end well in your head. It’s ALWAYS death that ends your story. 

Luckily for me, classmates and a lot of reading helped me surf that horrid tide. 

Like I said, this was just in the first year. You’re just learning the alphabets at this stage. 

Soon enough, I was in the second year and pathology was the cause of my nightmares. My list of diseases kept growing with each paragraph that I read and everything seemed like it was written to fuel my hypochondria. 

Subconsciously, I could feel feverish if it was on the symptom list. It’s scary when that happens! 

A man at home with diabetes was just another man who needed a bunch of medications but now? Now he was an inflammable barrel of gasoline. One wrong move and things could take a turn for the worse. 

Everything was connected! 

I had brain tumour, an aneurysm, pneumonia, and the list is never ending. 

Let me explain to you my stupid reasons for the above conclusions. They seem stupid now but there was little you could do to convince me that I was healthy back then. 

Brain tumour: headache after a whole night of watching movies on the phone and skipping dinner because LOGAN WAS GOING TO DIE! 

Aneurysm: I didn’t need a reason. I just felt the pain. 

Pneumonia: I heard something abnormal when I put the bell of the stethoscope on my chest. It could have been the shirt that was moving against my breathing chest but no. It HAD to be pneumonia. 

Truly inspiring. 

Wait, no, I wasn’t saying you have to follow my footsteps. I was talking about the OTHER inspiring. In other words, I’m still breathing. 

Haha I love an occasional play on words. 

Comment below and let me know your views lovelies! Also, feel free to tell me about your Internet induced hypochondria! 



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  1. Superb Post. Inspirational.. check this out . u will love it 🙂 Cheers

    Liked by 1 person

    1. agnuswalters says:

      Thank you! Yes, I will check it for sure!

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