Druthers #1

Volition, a choice. 

I’m absolutely enamoured by the availability of this function of life. 

In fact, if there’s one mathematical function I’d call dibs on, it would be f(choice).   

This is going to be my new series, if I may call it so. Each time I plan on telling you about a singular choice in my life that contributed to the butterfly effect. 

Since its morning, let’s start with breakfast, shall we? 

My consumption of Maggi Noodles is probably on par with that of the rest of country put together. 

That’s alarming, I know, but I’m not much of a cook. My readymade pastas turn out undercooked and the only other thing I’m good at is making sandwiches with, again, readymade sauces and stuffings. 

When I was that lilliputien child back in 2000 (approximately), I decided that my cousin had the best choice in any cuisine. 

Maggi was thus infused into my being and I found every excuse to cook myself a packet. You just cannot go wrong with this dish! 

I’d choose Maggi over TopRamen any day. 

Another choice that I have come to make is to believe that 2 minutes isn’t going to be enough for my Maggi to be ready. Unless I want it underdone….(just like the software updates on my phone).



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