The time has come

Doing a wicked dance between hobby and profession 

Here I stand as the Jack of all trades but master of none.  

I’d love to hear stories about your struggle to choose between a hobby and a profession. 

As I traipse back into the world of medical education, I feel a tug at my heart strings, my hobbies begging me to nourish them. 

Sigh. In preparation to walk back into the battle field tomorrow. 

All in hopes that one day, I’ll be that doctor everyone wants to come to. 

Working towards it. 

Hope all of my friends and the WordPress community had a wonderful summer! 



3 Comments Add yours

  1. _Peacie says:

    This is why I refused to study medicine. It demands too much of you. I hope you find a way to strike the balance.


    1. agnuswalters says:

      I always do! 😁


  2. _Peacie says:

    That’s good

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