Owing to the time crunch due to packed schedules, air travel is beginning to gain preference over any other means of transport. 

Although I don’t frequent this way of travel, I do use it once in a while. Just enough to know the whats and wheres of this humongous vehicle that is. 

That being said, some things about the whole experience, despite being recurrent, manage to leave me completely amazed.

The spine-chilling feeling of the take off or the absolutely thrilling moments of turbulence allow me to indulge in a little adventure that my life is clearly devoid of. 

I know that this isn’t exactly “adventure” but it has the potential to be when one of the engines gives out, or the pilot falls asleep or when we just have to take an emergency landing because the pilot said so. 

I don’t exactly know how to describe the mind numbingly mundane days I live through because this genuinely counts as adventure for me. 

The most important part of the journey, however, is the part where the bird is high up in the sky. As a child, I knew the clouds to be little white beds for the birds to sleep on. So at that point, I was spellbound by the marvel that floated in front of my eyes. 

What seemed like something far beyond my grasp was now floating within my reach and the child in me wouldn’t want to miss that opportunity to really know how they felt! 

Was it really like in the Cartoons? Could you walk on them? Could you put some paint on them and expect them to turn into cotton candy? I had so many queries that no one seemed to have answers to. At least not the answers I wanted to hear. 

In due course of time, as “education” slowly killed my imagination and innocence, my little bird-beds turned out to be some sort of water-gas concoction and I wish I could erase the knowledge that I’ve gained because in all honesty, I liked my definition better. 

Bird-beds. Beds for birds. As simple as that. 

Curiosity killed the cat? Well guess what, it killed the life and joy in me as well because I sure didn’t like the answers that I got out of it. 

Just the other day, I was travelling from Hyderabad to Chennai. The travel brought back a lot of memories and thankfully a lot of my childlike innocence. Not in the irritating “I don’t understand anything because it’s not what Dora said” kind of way but in a more sensible manner.

In conclusion to my mindless rants, let’s see what I have achieved or lost in these years. 

Clouds are seen. Still want to touch them? Check.

Flight is taking off. Still grin like a fool for the whole ordeal? Check.

Stick my head to the window for the entire journey? Check.

Accumulate cookie tins and replicas from every journey? Check.

Looking at all this, I don’t think I’ve gained even an ounce of maturity since the past few years. Oh well, being a kid (a 21 year old) does have its benefits. People still keep board games and candies as my birthday gift options. 



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  1. I like the way you view the world and life as half full rather than half empty. live it on

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    1. agnuswalters says:

      Thank you! I’m the kind who drinks life up directly from the jug, that way I don’t really know how much I drank. I feel like measurements just complicate everything. I mean you can love someone. Little or irrevocably, you still love them. Ever since the evolution of Microsoft Excel, this world has become a complex Web of “ifs” and buts and other conditions. No wonder I stuck to Word.


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