Cancer Is Overrated 

Before you jump to conclusions and set me up for guillotine, let me explain. 

I have a point to make. 

Majority of the people who open this post and are currently reading it, including you, decided to do so because of one reason. This post has the words “cancer” and “overrated” and you just had to see what this atrocious title had in store. 

How can it be overrated? It’s cancer! It’s nature’s own devastating atomic bomb whose clock ticks without your knowledge most of the times. 

I have a confession to make. I was of that opinion too. Until learning medicine and being on the other side of the hospital door gave me a bit of insight on what mattered. 

With the death toll rising like the temperatures on planet earth, this stealthy and insidious killer has taken over lives of many and it has become an inevitable relationship between cancer and death. 

This relationship, however, does not truly exist and is a huge fabricated connection we have made in our “all assuming” heads. 

To begin with, what is cancer? 

It’s just some cells in our body gone rogue for many a reasons and these cells have an uncanny ability to poke their noses into every neighbour’s business. And we know what happens when you bark up the wrong tree. 

Hell breaks loose. That’s exactly what our body does in order to fight it off. 

Death isn’t an unbeatable winner against its equally strong competitor that is “recovery”. 

The problem, lies in our thinking. There’s nothing to worry about! What is your body supposed to do? Wage a war against a mutant (these cells are sadly no X-men) with no mercy or handle your nerves? 

You leave it no choice but to do both! Your Body is of course a multitasking machine but that does not mean you throw upon it the two most difficult challenges all at once. 

It’s either do or die. And in our humanly world, the emphasis on “die” has overwhelmed any “do” that did happen either by sheer will of the patient or just miraculously. 

I plan on changing that thought process. 

Your will to “do” can outweigh your chances of “die” but all you need to do is believe. Don’t get terrorised by the six letter word that is cancer. 

Cancer literally means a “crab”. One that holds onto your body parts and bites on them. Hard. 

The point of this post I’d like to explain through an analogy not far from my comfort zone of food. 

You ever see fishermen trying to catch a good deal of aquatic fauna for their living? I’m pretty sure crabs are included. And I’m also sure about the fact that they do bite their predators. 

Fishermen, on a daily basis suffer from a few bites here and there but if they hadn’t learnt to catch hold of the crab’s hand and twist it out of its socket, would they be here to serve you your crab meat at the Michelin starred hotels? 

They wouldn’t would they? Your risotto would lack the succulent crab meat. (Not that I would know how crab meat tastes because I depend on chicken mostly and I’m too lazy to eat fish)

Now, along the same lines, I want you to imagine yourself in that situation, wait, not the fisherman’s, the cancer patient’s. Your body is waiting for you to twist that claw and dislodge it out of the creature’s body! Then hammer it, boil it, spice it up, eat it and shit it out deep into the pits of hell. 

Hades will take care. He likes to put the troublemakers at work, in a timeless place that is.

Now if you’ve gotten this point through into your heads, is it ok if I still hold onto my beliefs that cancer is, indeed an ever present but mundane and overrated disease that has nothing against the powerhouses that are our bodies.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. _Peacie says:

    Wow. This is awesome. Controversial, but awesome


    1. agnuswalters says:

      Hahaha my life is a controversy. Thank you!!


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