What’s a good title?

I wish I was good enough. I just wish I was. 
Trapped I feel within these walls and gates 

Lizards creep on the barriers 

and snakes tread the lonely yet used paths 

I could use some company, 

Some happiness on people’s faces

A smile to let me know I’m wanted

A chaperone to watch my back 

Just to be my anchor 

Not to glorify what i lack 

Some food will never make it onto my plate 

For I’m picky, I don’t wish to take a taste 

And also, I already ate. 

Another page of my happening life 

Reached through the doors of my dreams at night 

I sleep because sleep is an escape 

A hiatus from conflict 

Bitter were some days but sweet memories were still made 

Little is the regret but I wish I was good enough 

They all said, watch your step, life is going to be tough. 

I’m not done yet speaking my mind 

Turmoil in my head, an avalanche in my heart 

Everything seems to be slipping away from my grasp 

Where I wished to be a bird, I had to settle for a wasp 

I cannot, I do not want to dream of such an abomination, the definition for which I am 

I’ll still be strong

I’ll still be strong 

I won’t give up.

I will go on. 


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