The Latest Obsession 

Two words. 2 Cellos. 

Guitar is popular, guitar is cool and guitar is every youngster’s heart throb. 

That’s what I thought. Until, 2 cellos happened. My favourite way to pass time is by going through the music section on YouTube. I don’t usually watch the famous ones because they’re already established and no matter how much you shield yourself, you would have heard them once or twice whether in a mall or in your own bathroom. 

There are these undiscovered artists and channels that show up once your digging gets deeper and let me tell you, they’re GOLD. 

There’s Gryffin, Bipolar sunshine, A R I Z O N A, Alessia Cara, to name a few. I could go on with this and it’s lethal to start a “favourites” list with me because I cannot narrow them down to a chosen few. How can you do that? They are just so many! 

I mean I LOVE Nickelback but sometimes I LOVE Maroon 5. I am in misery! There ain’t no body who can comfort me! 

Sometimes I like LMFAO but sometimes I like Simon and Garfunkel. Sometimes I like to roar with Katy Perry but sometimes I like to head bang to some AC/DC. 

You see what I mean? It’s futile to ask me for favourites. I’ll just end up boring you with my never ending choices. If you’re only looking for two or three that is. 

Coming back to the point, the other day, I chose to explore the road not taken. “Classical” music. 

A little Mozart, a little beethoven and that’s the end of my knowledge. 2 cellos caught my eye. They did have a catchy thumbnail but the song name was what tempted me. 

Highway to hell ft Steve vai.

Didn’t they say 2 CELLOS? The last time I checked highway to hell wasn’t cellos and neither was it classical. I had to check it out. 

Ever felt your body involuntarily groove to the beats? Ever felt like the music was running through your veins and powering your vitals? These two guys had me moving to their rhythm only seconds into their instrumental music show. 

They’ve opened doors to a whole new world where a cello wasn’t meant to play just the usual cello kind of music. I’m still pretty amazed and spellbound. And putting my experience into words would require a great deal of expertise and it suffices to say that I lack that kind of refined vocabulary. 

It’s one thing to play Mozart and another to play a rock song like Thunderstruck on a cello! And for that innovative exploration, I’m thankful because my ears get something new to listen to. 

They played “we found love” by Rihanna and that’s currently my jam. 

I could use all their songs as ringtones or message tones or alarms but I’ve learned the hard way not to put your favourite songs as alarm tones. You’ll begin to hate or even loath it. I’d rather not surf through that tide.

Not only is their music great but their humour isn’t far behind either! I couldn’t stop laughing at their interviews and I believe they have trouble keeping straight faces too! 

Their names are Luka and Stjepan (pronounced as stephaan). Luka is a bit of a looker but everyone needs a bro like Stjepan to survive the miseries of life. 

Interviewer: what brings the crowd to your shows? Is it your good looks or your music? 

Stjepan: Both. Mostly my looks. They can’t resist. 

Arrogance actually suits Stjepan and I would be lying if I said it’s not appealing. 

If there’s one band I’d like to watch live no matter where they play, it will be 2 Cellos. No doubt there. 

If you’re free, do me or yourself a favour, go watch them. Hit that like button and while you’re at it, you might as well go all the way and subscribe. I can assure you that they’ll keep you entertained with their stupid jokes in a language I don’t understand but find hilarious. 



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