Sometimes, when you’re writing a song, a blog post or a simple one liner, it’s so mediocre that you can tell. 

Like one of our residents said, “crass”. 

With each word that you write, you know the story isn’t going anywhere but your intention to just write and post something makes you want to complete it, at the cost of making sense. 

My previous post, for example, was a work of art, in all the wrong ways. It had no plot, the humour wasn’t up to the mark and there was the mind-blowing factor lacking. 

I hated it. That being said, it did little to deter me from posting it. For that, I’ve been giving myself a reason. 

Reason being, sometimes, your brain works in unfathomable ways and your thoughts just spiral out of control. Each of those thoughts however, aren’t fully thought out and depending on them for a framework for your post would be a bad idea because although they might have an amazing head, they lack the perfect tail to end it or even a body for that matter. 

Your brain gets overwhelmed by multiple awesome ideas and before you can thoroughly process one, you’re racing towards another and sometimes, it’s difficult to pick a topic and once that’s done, there’s a writers block awaiting you not even three lines away from the beginning and that acts as fertile soil for meaningless and aimless work. 

The point is, it’s ok to write crap once in a while. It shows that your brain is just running a marathon of its own and that you’re too slow to keep up. 

Ps. I’d advice you against reading the last post. I can always delete the post but hey, I worked pretty hard to come up with that “potty plot” too.



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  1. _Peacie says:

    This is inspiring. Probably because it’s been happening with me for so long now.


    1. agnuswalters says:

      Me too! A little too often actually

      Liked by 1 person

      1. _Peacie says:

        We will get better tho and the world will sing our names…. I ho

        Liked by 1 person

      2. agnuswalters says:

        For some reason that reminds of me of the pirates of.the Caribbean song

        Liked by 1 person

      3. _Peacie says:


        Funny thing, I never saw pirates of the Caribbean


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