Narration with a twist 

We’ve all read our fair share of romance novels and watched enough movies to know how a passionate kiss starts. 

The guy, or for that matter, the girl holds the other person’s face in their hands and slowly advances to plant that much awaited kiss. 

Ever since I’ve entered medical school, my perspective has undergone significant changes. The way I look at things has acquired quite the eccentricity and I’m about to narrate to you, a romantic scene as pictured by a studious medical student. 

In a park full of strangers, there they stood, a few feet apart from each other. Daniel couldn’t help but stare at the left lateral side of her face. Her pinna was just the perfect size and her breasts had attained the adult size. 

She was restless. He could tell. Her hands were in constant alternation between flexion and extension. He could see her thyroid cartilage move with every bit of saliva that she swallowed. He smiled when he noticed she was tachypneic (rapid breathing). If he were close enough, he was sure he’d be able to figure out her heart rate as well. 

Vitals? Check. 

Her hairline was at the perfect level on her forehead and her eyes had a mischievous charm to them. As his eyes moved downwards, he noticed that her calf muscles were toned. He bet that she worked out. 

All in all, general examination? Check.

Her eyes kept trying to get a sneaky glance at Daniel, almost like she was having an episode of nystagmus. 

Daniel couldn’t take it any more. With all the determination he could muster, he stood up and with his long lower limbs, reached her in just about two steps. His hands, reached out to her face and his thumbs gently stroked her zygomatic region. If you think his face was beautiful, you should see his anatomical snuff box. 

His head tilted anterolaterally and both the recipient and donor labia collided into what was called a passionate kiss. 

With all that salivary contact, I’d hope neither of them has any caries, EBV or oral thrush. That would be rotten. That’s just scratching the surface of what all could happen with oral contact that is. 

I bet his genitalia got tumescent as well. With all the action near the facial region, I doubt the inguinal region would go without a reaction. 

Be careful with the hickeys Daniel. You might puncture some cervical artery or even give her some air embolism. Before you know it, you’ll be sacking at a corpse. Just saying. 

So, being fairly smart and all, I’ve managed to predict what will happen next. So for prophylaxis, I hope Daniel has his condoms ready. Unless, he’s willing to procreate. 

Also, female orgasms last longer and sadly, they’ll outlast you. Just in case you aim to please and conquer, I suggest you indulge in some foreplay. I have the whole of medical literature to back me up on this. 

While I’m at it, I might as well tell you about some STDs. In case you have any, please tell your loved one. Sharing and caring does not apply to this. Yes, I’m sure of that. 

I’ll probably be digressing from the topic but I never had a well thought out framework anyway. So, I’ve always wondered, being affiliated with health sciences, how does the whole act go? 

I’m pretty sure the mind wouldn’t stop thinking about the technicalities. 

“Oh hey, I’ve spotted the vestibule, hmm, which orifice do I put it in? If only I could locate the urethra. Hey can you please pee for me please? I can’t see anything.” 

Or is it just trial and error. 

Some wonders, will remain wonders until you’re the one in the act. 

If anyone wants to clarify some of my mind blowing doubts, feel free. I enjoy every bit of knowledge. 



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